Welcome to the 2013 Lego IC Challenge


Here is the video of the final round (along with a few other videos). Congrats to Neil Abcouwer, Hugo Ponte, Erik Nelson, and Nicholas Gisolfi!

Challenge Description

This year's challenge is based on a standard mini-golf course. You will need to build a robot using the Lego NXT to traverse a moving platform, ford a "sand" trap (or go around), and duck through a spinning windmill. The tournament setup will have a first round, semi-final, and final. The scheduled time for this event is on Friday Aug 23, from 10am to 4pm.

Competition Structure

The teams will be broken into groups of 6 and compete in a round-robin style. Top 2 teams (or if time permits, top 3) from each group will advance to compete in a bracket.

Picking Teams

You will pick your own teams of 4 people. Ideally, you'll have a mix of software and hardware people, as the challenges can benefit from both simple algorithms and clever mechanical design.

Lego Kits

During the competition, please don't swap pieces. You will have to reorganize the pieces at the end, so swapping will only make clean-up take longer.

Challenge Rules

  • Your robot must be autonomous (i.e. teleoperation is not allowed)
  • Your robot's 2D footprint must lie on the starting green felt
  • Your robot must stand without human assistance
  • A judge will begin each round with a 3-2-1-GO. On GO, the teams must hit the orange button to begin their programs.
  • The entirety of the NXT must move past the back of the windmill to count as completing the course.
  • If the robot gets stuck anywhere on the course (like under the windmill), it counts as a loss. "Stuck" is left to the judge's interpretation.

Required Software

IF YOU HAVE A LAPTOP RUNNING WINDOWS, PLEASE BRING IT. We will be using RobotC, which only runs on Windows. If you feel like trying to get RobotC running on a VM, you are more than welcome, but I haven't tested this myself, and can't guarantee that it actually works.